What Current and Former Students Say About the Child Advocacy Clinic


Alice Abrokwa, JD ‘12 “The Child Advocacy Clinic gave me a tremendous opportunity to expand my substantive knowledge of juvenile justice issues, from assisting with briefs in individual cases to advocating for sentencing reform in the state legislature. The clinic helped shape my own views of what type of public interest lawyering I wanted to engage in and I still carry those insights into my current work on behalf of low-income and marginalized youth.”








Seth Packrone, JD ‘15 “I really enjoyed my time in CAP. I had the opportunity to work with the Homeless Child Protection Project at MLRI with two fantastic attorneys. I gained great substantive knowledge of the ADA and how it applies in the housing context. I also got to work on a statewide class action lawsuit. Both of these aspects of my CAP placement are still relevant to my work today in the field of disability rights.”





Photo credit: Peabody Access TV

Lauren Blodgett, JD ‘16 “The Child Advocacy Clinic highlighted the vulnerabilities and injustices that children face in the legal systems of this country. The clinic motivated me to continue working with children and gave me the tools to pursue a career in children’s rights. I currently work at a non-profit in New York defending immigrant children from deportation.”








Leyla Salman, JD ’18 “The Child Advocacy Clinic made me understand the importance of listening to young people in this country about their own needs. I’m so grateful that I was able to learn about complex problems in society such as child trafficking through a critical lens and via the children’s viewpoint.”





Ha Ryong JUNG (Michael), JD ’18 “The Child Advocacy Clinic enabled me to get a multi-dimensional perspective on the field of child advocacy, one that is crucial for me as I continue to work for and on behalf of children. The experience gave me valuable insight into the domestic system affecting children, allowing me to make better informed choices as I work in an international setting. Law school would not have been the same without CAP!”








Jason Szanyi, JD ‘09 “The Child Advocacy Program was the reason I chose to attend HLS, and it’s the reason that I get to do the work that I do every day. CAP provided the support, encouragement, and skill-building I needed to become an effective advocate for kids in the juvenile justice system. I’m so grateful to everyone who has made CAP into the program that it is today.”