Other Congressional Legislation

CAP worked actively to support Children in Families First or CHIFF (introduced in earlier years by Senators Mary Landrieu and Roy Blunt as S.1530 and Representatives Kay Granger and Karen Bass in Congress as H.R.3323). CHIFF was designed to transform U.S. Government policy into a positive force for enabling children to grow up in the families they need, including in international adoption. Harvard and Boston College Law School faculty members signed a Letter of Support for CHIFF Core PrinciplesHarvard Law School announced this by press release on Feb. 5, 2014.

The Vulnerable Children and Families Act (VCF Act), is the successor to CHIFF and was introduced in the Senate in the summer of 2016 and reintroduced in the spring of 2017 as S.1178 and H.R.2532.