Working Paper Lunch Series

HandsGesturingThe Child Advocacy Program Working Paper Lunch Series is led by Professor Mary Welstead, CAP Fellow and Graduate Program Coordinator. It aims to give graduate students (JDs, LLMs, and SJDs), as well as CAP-affiliated Visiting Researchers and Scholars, CAP-affiliated Graduate Students, and other HLS Undergraduate and Graduate students, an opportunity to meet informally on a regular basis  throughout the fall semester to discuss their individual research projects on topics that are broadly relevant to CAP. Later, participants in the workshop present to an invited audience over lunch, followed by questions and discussion.

The Working Paper Lunch Series offers participants the opportunity to explore an interest in depth with a supportive group, and to make presentations in an informal environment. Previous participants have found it helpful preparation for making more formal presentations at national and international conferences.

Presentation topics from past years have included, among others:

  • International adoption
  • Children and domestic violence
  • Universal drug testing for newborns
  • Substance abuse in pregnant mothers
  • Child trafficking for labor in Nigeria
  • Street children of Brazil
  • Prosecuting the recruitment of child soldiers
  • Forced marriage
  • Religious symbols in public schools and universities
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Children and online privacy

Click here to view details about the spring 2019 Working Paper Lunch Series.