Participants in the Child Advocacy Program (CAP) Graduate Program are Harvard Law School Graduate Program Visiting Researchers, Visiting Scholars, LLM, and SJD students who have been given CAP affiliation.

In addition to auditing CAP courses (click here for our 2018-19 course offerings), CAP affiliates are encouraged to take part in a Research and Writing Workshop. The Research and Writing Workshop is a non-credit opportunity for students and Visiting Researchers or Scholars to meet and discuss a work-in-progress on a regular basis. In the spring term, CAP Graduate Program participants are offered the opportunity to present their work in an informal setting.

Click here for biographies of CAP Visiting Researchers and Scholars and other Graduate Program participants.

CAP focuses primarily on a few substantive areas, and candidates seeking an affiliation with CAP should have an interest and expertise in child welfare issues (abuse & neglect, adoption, foster care), juvenile justice, or education. Visiting Researchers, Visiting Scholars, LLM, and SJD students who plan to engage in a serious research and writing project related to CAP interest areas should follow the respective guidelines below for becoming CAP affiliated.

Guidelines for Visiting Researchers and Visiting Scholars

You must apply to the Visiting Researchers/Visiting Scholars Program through Harvard Law School’s Graduate Program (this will include applying to CAP to support your application).  For more information see our application guidelines for the CAP Visiting Researchers and Scholars Program page. Questions about the CAP Visiting Researcher/Visiting Scholar guidelines should be directed to

Guidelines for LLM and SJD Students

Once you are admitted to the HLS Graduate Program as an LLM or SJD, submit your completed HLS Graduate Program application and a 1-page statement of interest that includes your planned course of study and any relevant prior coursework or experience. If you have questions about the LLM/SJD guidelines, please contact CAP Assistant Director, Crisanne Hazen, at