Events: CAP Working Paper Luncheon Series – Spring 2011

In Spring 2011, CAP is hosting a Luncheon Series with HLS Graduate Program students and visitors.

More about the series: Each month a different presenter will discuss his/her work-in-progress, and luncheon attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm and provide feedback and suggestions on the presenter’s project.  Lunch will be provided.  You should RSVP below to ensure we have enough food available for each session.  Contact CAP’s Visiting Program Coordinator Mary Welstead with questions.  Upcoming luncheons are:

Solutions in Human Rights and the Library Tree Project: creating educational opportunities for children in development and underdeveloped countries

Discussion with LL.M. candidate Caetano Penna Franco Altafin Rodrigues da Cunha


Thurs, Feb 17, 2011
Noon – 1:00 PM
Pound 407
Harvard Law School

Lunch will be provided.

Paper Topic: Based on the presenter’s experience creating community libraries in underprivileged regions in Brazil and elsewhere, the workshop will discuss the importance of voluntary-sponsored activities as an alternative means for advancing children’s right to education in development and underdevelopment countries.

Biography: Caetano Penna Franco Altafin Rodrigues da Cunha is an LL.M. candidate at Harvard Law School, and participating in the Child Advocacy Program’s Graduate Students Program (2010-2011).  He is a Fundação Estudar and Instituto Ling Scholar. He graduated in Law by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (2008), and in International Relations and International Trade by the University Estácio de Sá (2009). He worked as an associate attorney in the corporate and securities department of a leading law firm in Brazil, and as an intern at the Board of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). Besides his academic and professional activities, Caetano has 8 years of accumulated experience doing voluntary social work. He created social-educative opportunities by developing sport programs for disabled and underprivileged children in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Brazil and South Africa. He is the chairperson, founder and volunteer of the Social Support Inclusion Society Growing Happy, the Library Tree Project and various student organizations. He has led various voluntary initiatives, including the implementation of 3 community libraries in Brazil. Presently, Caetano is involved in two voluntary social projects directed at the Boston community, and the creation of libraries in Brazil and India, both supported by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.

For more on the Library Tree Project: Click here.

A Second Look at Schools for Indigenous Children

Discussion with Benjamin S. Luis, LL.M. Candidate 2011

Thurs, March 3, 2011
noon – 1:00 PM
Pound 407
Harvard Law School

Paper Topic: This is a preliminary study on the impact of indigenous school programs on the educational achievement of indigenous children in the Philippines. The study will examine indigenous schools in the Philippines, and similar programs for Native American children in the United States and Canada. The value judgments which underpin these programs will be evaluated from the standpoint of the best interests of indigenous children.

Biography: Benjamin S. Luis is now a LL.M. candidate of the Harvard Law School with a Concentration in International Human Rights. He holds a B.A. in Social Sciences (magna cum laude), and J.D. from the University of the Philippines. Prior to attending Harvard, he had worked with Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines on self-determination issues.