Prevention & Protection Brainstorming Workshop

Harvard Law School
Cambridge, MA
May 10-11, 2012

This webpage is a hub of information for Prevention & Protection Brainstorming Workshop (“P&P Workshop”) participants. Additional information will be posted closer to the time of the Workshop.

Workshop Description

The P&P Workshop takes as a given that too many children, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, are subject to maltreatment, and that the child welfare field should place more emphasis on preventing maltreatment and protecting vulnerable children. The goal is to have a relatively small group of child welfare leaders and related professionals think together about what might be the most promising directions for future policies and programs.  We are looking for promising new ideas, and also for existing good ideas that have not been given an adequate try.  We urge people to think creatively and boldly, but also to have as a goal producing some “take-away ideas” capable of early implementation.

Workshop Timeline

Workshop registration begins on Thursday, May 10, at 11 am.  The first event is a lunch at noon, followed by Workshop sessions from 1 – 6 pm, ending with a reception and dinner buffet.

On Friday, May 11, a light breakfast will be available beginning at 8 am.  Workshop sessions will run from 9 am – 5 pm, concluding with a final reception with heavy hors d’oevres.

Hotel & Travel

Reasonable expenses for Workshop participants’ hotel and travel will be paid by the HLS Child Advocacy Program unless your home institution can pay.


We can cover one or two nights, depending on your needs, at the conference hotel, the Sheraton Commander (a 5 minute walk from HLS).  You should reserve your room through the conference website by April 9 and earlier if possible since the block rooms might fill up well in advance of that date.  When you book (either on-line or over the telephone) be sure to mention that you are with Harvard Law School’s “Prevention & Protection Brainstorming Workshop” to secure the block rate.


Please make your own travel arrangements.  Since the Workshop budget is limited, we ask that you lock in the best rates early.  


We are providing lunch and dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday, and assume all will be there.  To be reimbursed for your travel expenses, after your visit, submit a signed letter, stating the reason for your visit and a list of your expenses. This letter should include your social security number, legal home address, and preferred mailing address.  Please attach your receipts to the letter.  Harvard requires that original receipts (not copies) be submitted and enforces this policy.  We must receive your receipts within 3 weeks of the Workshop; otherwise we may not be able to reimburse you.  Please contact Eleanor Topping, Betsy Bartholet’s faculty assistant, with questions ( or 617-496-0551). Mail receipts to:

Eleanor Topping
Hauser Hall 418
Harvard Law School
Cambridge, MA 02138

Directions, Maps, and Parking Information

All Workshop sessions and activities will be held at the new Wasserstein Casperson Building (WCC), Milstein Conference Area, at Harvard Law School.  Click here for directions, maps, and parking information.

To Do

Confirm your role as a Workshop participant by providing information including a brief narrative biography (roughly 1/2 page) and headshot.  We will post your biography and headshot on the Workshop website.


Contact Information

Elizabeth Bartholet
Morris Wasserstein Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Child Advocacy Program
Harvard Law School
617-495-3128 (tel)

Jessica Budnitz
Lecturer on Law
Managing Director, Child Advocacy Program
Harvard Law School
617-496-1684 (tel

Eleanor Topping
Ast. to Elizabeth Bartholet & CAP Program Ast.
Harvard Law School