Child Advocacy Clinic

The Child Advocacy Clinic is designed to educate students about a range of social change strategies and to encourage critical thinking about the pros and cons of different approaches. It addresses a variety of substantive areas impacting the lives of children, with a focus on child welfare (abuse and neglect, foster care, and adoption), education, and juvenile justice.

Through CAP’s Child Advocacy Clinic, students are placed with non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, juvenile courts, and more, either around the Boston/Cambridge area (fall and spring option) or around the country/world (winter-spring option).  They then come together in a seminar to share their varied experiences, discussing the specific projects and cases in which they are engaged, their placement organization’s larger vision for improving conditions for children and families, and their reflections on the different social change strategies their placements use to effect meaningful change for children.  The Child Advocacy Clinic:  System-Involved Youth will be held in the fall.  The Child Advocacy Clinic:  Child Welfare, Education & Juvenile Justice will be held in the winter-spring/spring.

Harvard Law School is committed to the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the life of the University. Students requesting accessibility resources or accommodations in any of HLS’s Clinical and Pro Bono Programs may work with Accessibility Services in the Dean of Students Office. If you are a student with a documented disability and you are requesting accommodations, please contact HLS Accessibility Services to discuss and register for accommodations.