Campaign To Support Child Rights: International Adoption

International Adoption is in crisis, with the numbers down significantly since 2004.  Yet there continue to be many millions of children in desperate need of nurturing homes, most of whom are now growing up in terribly inadequate institutions or on the street.  The reduction in the number of children finding homes in International Adoption is largely because of opposition by organizations and individuals alleging that they speak for the human rights of children. They call for restrictions on International Adoption that include: temporary and permanent moratoria on such adoption, preferences for in-country foster and institutional care over out-of-country adoption, “holding periods” that require searching for in-country homes for months or years before out-of-country placement is permitted, and the elimination of the private adoption intermediaries that often serve as the lifeblood of International Adoption.

Our Campaign is designed to promote the human rights of children to grow up in nurturing homes. We believe that International Adoption generally serves the interests of children who cannot be raised by their birth parents far better than non-adoption alternatives like foster and institutional care. Help ensure that International Adoption is kept on the table as one of the options for unparented children worldwide.

CAP launched a Campaign to enlist endorsements for the International Adoption Policy Statement and Supporting Report (en Español, Comunicado Sobre Política de Adopción Internacional e Informe de Apoyo) which CAP played the key role in developing.

Join the Campaign to Support Child Rights and International Adoption.

To date, more than 132 leading child and human rights experts have now endorsed, as well as the following organizations:

  • The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, May 2008
  • Harvard Law School Child Advocacy Program, May 2008
  • The Center for Adoption Policy, June 2008
  • National Council for Adoption, April 2009 (NCFA Endorsement and Related Article)
  • University of San Diego Children’s Advocacy Institute, May 2009
  • University of San Francisco – School of Law Child Advocacy Clinic, May 2009
  • Both Ends Burning, May 2010

Also the American Bar Association adopted a resolution endorsing an almost-identical policy statement:  See American Bar Association Recommendation on International Adoption and Supporting Report.