Art: Speaker Schedule Spring 2017

Below is the spring 2017 schedule for Art of Social Change: Child Welfare, Education, and Juvenile Justice.  The class meets Thursdays from 5:00-7:00 PM at Harvard Law School in WCC 2012. Please see the Course Syllabus for further details.

Class Date Topic Guest Lecturers
1 Jan 26 Course Overview Elizabeth Bartholet, Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Child Advocacy Program, Harvard Law School

Crisanne Hazen, Assistant Director, Child Advocacy Program, Harvard Law School

2 Feb 2 Early Childhood Adversity and Its Life-Long Impact on Brain and Behavioral Development Charles Nelson, Professor of Pediatrics, Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Professor of Education, Harvard University; Richard David Scott Chair in Pediatric Developmental Medicine Research, Boston Children’s Hospital
3 Feb 9*

*rescheduled to Feb. 24, 3:00-5:00 PM.

Education Reform from the Inside: Using the Power of a State Department of Education to Reform Failing Schools Rhoda Schneider, General Counsel and Senior Associate Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Ventura Rodriguez, Director, Office of Strategic Transformation, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Jeff Riley, Superintendent/Receiver, Lawrence Public Schools

4 Feb 16 Child Welfare Reform: Birth Match as an Approach to Early Intervention Richard Barth, Dean and Professor, University of Maryland, School of Social Work

John Mattingly, Former Commissioner, New York City Administration for Children’s Services

Colin Parks, State Manager, Children’s Protective Services Program Office, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

5 Feb 23 Youth Homelessness: Problems and Solutions Sam Greenberg, Co-Executive Director, Y2Y Harvard Square
Sarah Rosenkrantz, Co-Executive Director, Y2Y Harvard Square
Kelly Turley, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
6 Mar 2 LGBT Youth Rights: Reflecting on Progress and Outlining the Work Ahead Douglas NeJaime, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law; Faculty Director, The Williams Institute 

Dan Zhou, S.J.D. Candidate, Harvard Law School and LGBT Activist in China

7 Mar 9 Education Reform from the Outside: Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, and Systemic Reform Litigation  John Affeldt, Managing Attorney and Education Program Director, Public Advocates Inc.

Katy Nuñez-Adler, Community Organizer, Oakland Community Organizations
8 Mar 23 Reducing Youth Violence: BAM! and WOW! Anthony Ramirez-Di Vittorio, Founder, Becoming A Man (BAM), and Director, BAM Training Academy, Youth Guidance
Anthony Watson, Director, Becoming a Man (BAM), Youth Guidance
Gail Day, Program Manager, Working on Womanhood (WOW), Youth Guidance
9 Mar 30 Cause Lawyering Scott Cummings, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

Oren Nimni, Movement Lawyer and Founding Steering Committee Member, Law For Black Lives

Purvi Shah, Co-Founder, Law For Black Lives (unable to attend)

10 Apr 6 Reforming Juvenile Sex Offender Registry Laws Nicole Pittman, Director, Center on Youth Registration Reform, Impact Justice

Marsha Levick, Co-Founder, Deputy Director, and Chief Counsel, Juvenile Law Center

11 Apr 13 A Lawyer’s Journey Through Education and Juvenile Justice Reform James Forman, Clinical Professor of Law, Yale Law School
12 Apr 20 Child Welfare Challenges: The Use and Misuse of Science and Medical Expertise in Connection With Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome)




Sanjay Gupta, Neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN  (unable to attend)

Martha Coakley, Partner, Foley Hoag, LLP and former Attorney General of Massachusetts

Sameer Sabir, Parent and Community Activist

Robert Sege, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Health Resources in Action (Boston), and Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Social Policy (Washington DC)