Art: Readings – Spring 2015

Elizabeth Bartholet’s NOBODY’S CHILDREN: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative (Beacon Press 1999) [hereafter Nobody’s Children] will serve as the course text together with additional course materials. Simply click on the relevant Assignment Packet and download the PDF file.

Date Topic Readings
Jan 29 Course Overview Syllabus
Nobody’s Children, pp. 1-29, 33-55, 98-110, 233-43
Feb 5 Alcohol Use and Abuse During Pregnancy, Its Impact, and Related Policy Issues Nobody’s Children, pp. 67-81, 207-32
Assignment Packet #2
Feb 12 Differential Response: Questioning Child Welfare’s Latest “Reform” Assignment Packet #3
Feb 19 International Child Migration: Human Rights Issues and Related Reform Strategies Assignment Packet #4
Optional Readings:Bhabha, Child Migration & Human Rights in a Global Age, ch. 4
Bhabha, Child Migration & Human Rights in a Global Age, ch. 7
FXB Center, Running Out of Time
UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response Portal
Feb 26 Bullying and Cyberbullying: Legal Responses and School-Based Solutions Assignment Packet #5
Mar 5 The History and Current Landscape of Children’s Rights Assignment Packet #6
Review Nobody’s Children, pp. 33-43
Mar 12 Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline Assignment Packet #7
Mar 26 LGBT Youth Rights: Reflecting on Progress and Outlining the Work Ahead Assignment Packet #8
Optional Reading:Rights of LGBT Youth in Rhode Island
Apr 2 Juvenile Solitary Confinement Assignment Packet #9
Apr 9 Vergara v. California: Challenging California’s Teacher Tenure, Dismissal, and Layoff Statutes Assignment Packet #10
Apr 16 Reforming Juvenile Sex Offender Registry Laws Assignment Packet #11
Apr 23 Positive Youth Justice in Theory and Practice Assignment Packet #12