Art: Readings – Fall 2015

Elizabeth Bartholet’s NOBODY’S CHILDREN: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative (Beacon Press 1999) [hereafter Nobody’s Children] will serve as the course text together with additional course materials. Simply click on the relevant Reading Packet and download the PDF file.

Date Topic Readings
Sep 10 Course Overview Course Syllabus

Nobody’s Children, pp. 1-29, 33-55, 98-110

Reading Packet #1

Sep 17 Early Childhood Adversity and Its Life-Long Impact on Brain and Behavioral Development Nobody’s Children, pp. 59-81, 95-97

Reading Packet #2

Sep 24 Key Issues in Child Welfare Policy: Under-Intervention vs. Over-Intervention, the Relationship between Poverty and Maltreatment, and the Role of Research Reading Packet #3
Oct 1 Youth Homelessness: Problems and Solutions Reading Packet #4
Oct 8 Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Youth Nobody’s Children, pp. 81-95

Reading Packet #5

Oct 15 Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth: Individual Advocacy, Intervention, and Systemic Reform Reading Packet #6
Oct 22 Education Reform: Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, and Systemic Reform Litigation Reading Packet #7

Optional Reading Packet #7

Oct 29 Education Reform: The Campaign to Expand High-Quality Early Education in Massachusetts Reading Packet #8
Nov 5 Youth Violence: Crime Lab and the Science of Reducing Youth Violence (see also Class 12) Reading Packet #9
Nov 12 Lawyering for Youth: Individual Representation and Systemic Change Reading Packet #10
Nov 19 Education Reform: The Massachusetts Case Challenging the Cap on Charter School Expansion Reading Packet #11

Optional Reading Packet #11

Dec 3 Youth Violence: BAM! WOW! and the Practice of Reducing Youth Violence Reading Packet #12