Art: Readings – Fall 2010

Elizabeth Bartholet’s NOBODY’S CHILDREN: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative (Beacon Press 1999) [hereafter Nobody’s Children] will serve as the course text together with additional course materials. As soon as the additional materials are ready, we will post them below. Simply click on the relevant Assignment Packet and download the PDF file.

Date Topic Readings
Sept. 2 Course Overview Course Information, Syllabus, and Schedule
Nobody’s Children, Intro, pp. 1-8, 22-29, 33-35
Sept. 9 Drug-Exposed Newborns & Family Drug Treatment Courts Nobody’s Children, pp. 67-81, 207-32
Assignment Packet #2
Assignment Packet #2 Supplement
Sept. 16 Representing Abused and Neglected Children: Holding Attorneys Accountable Assignment Packet #3
Sept. 30 Race to the Top: An Insider’s View on Obama’s Contest to Reform Education in America Assignment Packet #4
Assignment Packet #4 Supplement
Oct. 7 “Family Affair” Film Screening Nobody’s Children, pp. 56-67, 81-110
Assignment Packet #5
Oct. 14 Children Dying While Incarcerated: A Reason for Hope Assignment Packet #6
Assignment Packet #6 Supplement
Oct. 21 Challenging Massachusetts’ Child Welfare System: Is Litigation the Right Path? Nobody’s Children, pp. 176-204
Assignment Packet #7
Oct. 28 The Prostitution of Children: The Hidden Problem & A Model Prevention and Intervention Program Assignment Packet #8
Nov. 4 Beyond Juvenile Incarceration: Creating Better, Cheaper Solutions for Youth Assignment Packet #9
Nov. 11 Impact of the Economy on Child Homelessness Assignment Packet #10
Nov. 18 Social Enterprises for Children: Creating, Growing, and Evaluating Assignment Packet #11
Dec. 2 Reforming NYC’s Schools: Challenging the Status Quo Assignment Packet #12