Art: Readings – Fall 2009

Elizabeth Bartholet’s NOBODY’S CHILDREN: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative (Beacon Press 1999) [hereafter Nobody’s Children] will serve as the course text together with additional course materials. As soon as the additional materials are ready, we will post them below. Simply click on the relevant Assignment Packet and download the PDF file.

Date Topic Readings
Sept. 3 Course Overview Course Information, Syllabus, and Schedule
Nobody’s Children, Intro, pp. 1-8, 22-29
Sept. 10 Children Dying While in Prison Assignment Packet #2
Assignment Packet #2 – Supplemental Report
Sept. 24 Reforming Juvenile Justice Systems: Spotlight on New Orleans Post-Katrina Assignment Packet #3
Oct. 1 The Secret History of School Choice: A Civil Rights Perspective Assignment Packet #4
Oct. 8 The Crisis in International Adoption: Two Sides of the Debate Assignment Packet #5
Oct. 15 Expanding Access to Early Childhood Education Assignment Packet #6
Oct. 22 Prosecuting Child Abuse: Medical and Legal Perspectives Nobody’s Children, Chapter 4, pp. 98-110, and Chapter 2, pp. 44-55
Assignment Packet #7
Oct. 29 The Pros and Cons of Expanding Children’s Constitutional Rights Nobody’s Children, Chapter 1, pp.33-43
Assignment Packet #8
Nov. 5 Strategies for Reforming Child Protective Systems: The Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate and Other Strategies Nobody’s Children, Chapter 3, pp. 59-86, 95-97
Assignment Packet #9
Nov. 12 Social Entrepreneurship Under the Obama Administration: The New White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation Assignment Packet #10
Nov. 19 Social Entrepreneurship: “A Kind of Genius,” and the Afterschool Alliance Assignment Packet #11


Dec. 3 Evaluating Success in Child Welfare Reform: Spotlight on Early Home Visitation Nobody’s Children, Chapter 7, pp. 163-175
Assignment Packet #12