Art: Readings Fall 2006

Elizabeth Bartholet’s NOBODY’S CHILDREN: Abuse and Neglect, Foster Drift, and the Adoption Alternative (Beacon Press 1999) [hereafter Nobody’s Children] will serve as the course text together with additional course materials. As soon as the additional materials are ready, we will post them below. Simply click on the relevant Assignment Packet and download the PDF file.

Date Topic Readings
Sept. 7 Overview: Child Advocacy: Where Have We Been & Where Are We Going? (Perspectives from the Directors of Leading Child Advocacy Centers) Course Information, Syllabus, and Schedule

Nobody’s Children, pp. 1-8, 22-29

Assignment Packet #1

Sept. 14 Overview: The Role of the Courts, the Government, and Empirical Research


Nobody’s Children, Chapters 1 & 2 (pp. 33-55)

Assignment Packet #2

Sept. 21 Education: Charter and Pilot Schools and Other Innovations, and Their Reform Potential
Assignment Packet #3
Sept. 28 Education: Perspectives on Special Education Assignment Packet #4
Oct. 5 Child Welfare: Promising Prevention Strategies: Early Home Visitation Nobody’s Children, Chapter 7 (pp. 163-75)

Assignment Packet #5

Oct. 12 Child Welfare: Working for Reform Within and From the Outside Nobody’s Children, Chapter 4 (pp. 98-110)

Assignment Packet #6

Optional: Nobody’s Children, pp. 59-97, 113-23, 176-92

Oct. 19 Child Welfare (Int’l): Romania’s Homeless Children: Problems, Politics and Policies Related to Institutional Conditions, Foster Care, and International Adoption

–Joint Session with the Human Rights Program at HLS

Assignment Packet #7
Nov. 2 Child Welfare: Parental Substance Abuse: The Problem and Some Innovative Solutions Nobody’s Children, Chapter 9 (pp.207-32)

Assignment Packet #8

Optional: Nobody’s Children, pp. 67-81

Nov. 9 Child Welfare: Case Study of an Innovative Model: The Treehouse Foundation Nobody’s Children, pp.141-2, 146-59

Assignment Packet #9

Nov. 16 Juvenile Justice: Transfer to Adult Criminal Court & Life Without Parole (LWOP): Problems and Potential Challenges Assignment Packet #10
Nov. 30 Juvenile Justice: Abolishing the Juvenile Court Assignment Packet #11
Dec. 7 The Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs Assignment Packet #12