The Child Advocacy Program (CAP) welcomes applications for a limited number of CAP-affiliated Visiting Researchers and Visiting Scholars.  To become CAP-affiliated, applicants must apply to the Visiting Researchers or Visiting Scholars Program through Harvard Law School’s Graduate Program, and also apply to CAP to support their Graduate Program Application.

CAP also welcomes HLS Graduate Program students (LLM and SJD students) to apply to become CAP affiliates.  They may apply once admitted to the HLS Graduate Program, and will be eligible if they plan to engage in a serious research and writing project related to CAP interest areas.

CAP affiliates, including Visiting Researchers, Visiting Scholars, LLMs and SJDs, are expected to participate in our Graduate Program Research and Writing Workshop, a not-for-credit workshop providing an opportunity to meet and discuss on an informal basis student work in progress, and also to present their work in an informal setting.  CAP affiliates are also eligible to audit CAP courses.  See CAP’s 2017-18 course offerings.

  • Click for application guidelines for the CAP Visiting Researchers and Scholars Program.
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